We show productions from inventive new companies nightly at 7:30pm.
Our shows run from Tuesday to Saturday evenings with occasional matinees, and two nighters on Sunday and Monday evenings.
Combine your trip with a visit to our cosy pub downstairs for some fresh, seasonal food, a great drinks selection. We think you're destined for a fabulous night out in South Kensington.

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Edinburgh Fringe Previews 2018

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Upcoming Productions


19th June 2018 - 23rd June 2018

We have all been bored, trapped in monotony. We have all dreamt of escape. Our minds construct fantastic worlds to break us out of routine, taking us to our own private paradise. But eventually we have to come back. We always have to come back. 20,000 paper balls, three performers and office equipment create wonderful vistas in a stunning visual voyage through what it means to be bored. Performers portray office workers happily oppressed by routine, except one. Winner of the Les Enfants Terribles Award 2017.


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Temporarily Misplaced Scratch Night

24th June 2018

Running time 1hr 20, plus an interval to enjoy the bar! 
7:30pm show. 

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26th June 2018 - 7th July 2018

“ANNOUNCEMENT: Take your belongings with you when you leave this life, unattended luggage will be removed or destroyed. The next station is: Telling your manager you need a pay rise!”


You are dancing around in a metal tin that’s moving through space. You’re surrounded by people who are on the same journey. Together, wondering, ‘is this how it’s supposed to be?

This is a play about the tube. The tube and you. And everyone who’s sitting next to you. It’s a party. It’s a sad song. It’s a universe. Now’s your chance to tap in.

Please mind the closing doors.

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No Leaves On My Precious Self

1st July 2018 - 12th August 2018

'(No) Leaves On My Precious Self' takes audience through the mind and life of an emerging actor. It explores challenges and every day madness of a career in performing arts. Beautifully moving between physical theatre, musical theatre and spoken word pieces, the show offers a light-hearted but deep and thought-provoking night of entertainment. 

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8th July 2018 - 9th July 2018

Worried you might be a complete failure? Don’t worry: Megan Hockley is confident, optimistic, and here to tell you why she’s a much bigger idiot than you.

Join her gang of total losers as Megan explores our tragic magic through storytelling, wrestling, and confessional karaoke. 

Expect Olympic spectacle, spandex, unbridled disco-dancing, and to stumble from the resulting wreckage asking yourself if being cool might be overrated

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Laki in Love

10th July 2018 - 14th July 2018

TRASHY are back with their satirical comedy, ‘Laki in Love’.

Be part of a “TV studio audience” and join ex-Bollywood star turned Love Therapist, Laki Lakshmi, as she films her dating show ‘Laki In Love’. This hilarious live mockumentary experience is ‘W1A’ meets ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ and is not one to be missed!

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The Laundry

17th July 2018 - 21st July 2018

Well where else would you find women…

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Kids Play

5th August 2018 - 6th August 2018

Checklist: Pyjamas, teddy bear, bedtime story, money, train ticket, heart pills, handcuffs.  Text Marty - if I don't call by midnight, something bad has happened.  Start dredging rivers...!

Theo is a seventeen year old student in need of cash.  Greg is a married businessman with a fetish.  When the two meet up in a Brighton hotel room, nothing turns out quite as either of them expected.  An emotional corkscrew of a play with surprises galore, Kids Play is about the strange things a lonely boy will do for love.

Enjoy the twists, but do, please, keep them to yourself.


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The Beautiful Game

28th August 2018 - 1st September 2018

One of biggest stars in world football suddenly announces their retirement from the game, at the age of twenty-five!

As everybody comes to terms with the shock decision, the football world and the media look for answers as to why this has happened, and begin to discover how damaging it could be not only to the player, but to the game itself...

Length of play approx. 90 minutes plus stoppage time

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