Short Stories

Short Stories

Playwright Kevin Lee presents a collection of newly written short plays

Theatre Company Reviews:

Praise for Kevin Lee's previous work:

A triumph of the dialogue that it doesn’t cast judgement, it simply listens – Everything
Theatre ★★★★★

This new play should be applauded for not following what seems to be a pervasive trend in
contemporary theatre – Londontheatre1 ★★★★

Both comedy and startling accuracy came through right from the opening scene and the
laugh out loud moments continued throughout – Upper-Circle ★★★★

A play that everyone must see! – The Upcoming ★★★★

Praise for Kevin Lee's previous work:

An authentic and heartfelt drama about friendship, love, and war from one of London’s most
talented young writers – Everything Theatre ★★★★★

A production that showcased six unique and well-developed female characters discussing a
passion and an industry – London Pub Theatres ★★★★

An insightful, realistic depiction of young relationships in our millennial age, allowing us as
the audience to reflect and relate – Everything Theatre ★★★★

Kevin Lee has undoubtedly created a brilliant piece here – Upper-Circle ★★★★

Production Details

Run Time:

  • One Act: 90 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • 12



  • Sun 24th Oct 2021 - 5:00 pm

  • Mon 25th Oct 2021 - 7:30 pm

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