The Freedom Trilogy

The Freedom Trilogy

Royal Court Writers Group alumnus Somi De Souza is an Anglo-American actress and writer with Indian roots living in London. Having struggled for two years to get her first play, Revolution in a Catsuit, produced in a mainstream venue in London she took it to Los Angeles in 2017, where it was produced at the Bootleg Theater and warmly received by audiences. After being unable to generate interest from any London venue, the new management at Drayton Arms Theatre has given her the opportunity to present not just one play, or two, but the entire Freedom Trilogy

Well, now America is coming to London! The incredibly talented Alex Morris (stars as KEN in Emmy Award winning US TV show Baskets) all the way from Los Angeles, NME legend and BBC cultural pundit Charles Shaar Murray from deepest, darkest Ipswich, and talented actors of various backgrounds are converging for this one of a kind production at the Drayton Arms.  This truly diverse event presents themes and situations that will resonate with ordinary people whose lives are often ignored in British theatre. With strong female leads, the characters are all trying to fight for their individuality and self determination against a power structure that seeks to stereotype, pigeon-hole and dismiss them. However, as we know, no matter what - our humanity always finds a way to break out.

  • Revolution in a Catsuit - Although feisty British actress NINA KHAN has boldly walked away from her dream role after being sexually harassed by the highly regarded theatre impresario DAVID COHEN, she's about to walk right into a catfight with DAVID's  latest muse, the newly arrived African American actress, TUHLI RAY, to get it back!  In this pre-#MeToo dark comedy, even PHILLOS, the easy-going boyfriend, gets mauled! 
  • Happy New Year - RANI and JACK work in a skyscraper in Manhattan. As if working on New Year's Eve to meet unpredictable deadlines by their tyrannical boss isn’t bad enough, RAY, the very man hired to keep the building safe and secure, has just taken them hostage! 
  • The Man Who Thought He Was A Baboon - Living in the secluded English village of Butterby with his Kardashian-wannabe wife, AMBA, is the introverted HUGO who's been coming to terms with his history of Lycanthropy (belief that he is a wolf). But with the recent loss of his beloved aunt, HUGO falls into a depression whilst AMBA’s eyes are glued on the sparkling millions he has inherited. Together with PETER, the newly hired charismatic American doctor, AMBA convinces HUGO that the money is safer in her hands because lab tests show that HUGO has the blood of a baboon!

Theatre Company Reviews:

Revolution In A Catsuit:

'The truth of it is what really jazzed my up!' Alex Morris - Actor (Baskets; Malcolm in the Middle; Parks and Recreation; Frasier; Alias)

'Fire!' Roger Guenveur Smith - Actor (Marshall; Rodney KingBirth of a Nation; American Gangster)

'I absolutely loved it!' Patrice Johnson - Actress (Othello - with Patrick Stewart)

‘Revolution in a Catsuit is FUNNY and it constantly surprises with unexpected dramatic twists that keep the audience on their toes. It is tightly written with wonderfully compelling everyday dialogue that takes you right into the hearts and minds of the two main characters. Their humanity is raw and real. Somi De Souza has the dramatist's gift for conveying thought provoking and meaning

Happy New Year:

'Somi is clearly a very talented writer.' Nia Janis - Producer, Playful Productions; Board of Paines Plough; League of independent Producers; Stage One Council

'Commercially accessible with a political edge.' Nick Williams - Arts Consultant and Producer, NWProductions; Arts Council

'The writer has taken a very ordinary circumstance and given it an exciting twist which opens an avenue of interesting societal questioning.' Finborough Theatre Literary Team

Production Details

Run Time:

  • One Act: 90 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • None



  • Fri 10th Aug 2018 - 7:30 pm

  • Sat 11th Aug 2018 - 1:00 pm

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