Slow Death Of A Lotus Flower

Slow Death Of A Lotus Flower

Slow Death of a Lotus Flower is a surreal play about the clash between idealism and reality, set in a hotel lobby, during the course of a day. An inexplicable force washes through the lobby and everyone who comes is doomed to face their fears and fight for their ideals, navigating long lasting romances and new encounters through philosophical debates, comedic fights and bursts of passionate dancing. Amongst them, a French trans person leading a company that sells dreams, a hypnotising Portuguese life coach guru, a nameless man trapped in the pages of Dostoevsky and many more cross paths as they dance, debate and fight their way towards death.

A very European cast gives flesh to never before seen protagonists forging a surreal and poetic tragicomedy to bombard the public with love for life. What happens when everything you’ve ever believed in collapses? 

Theatre Company Reviews:

✮✮✮✮ “Mainstream theatre has a lot to learn from young artists like these. I could say more about the details of the play itself, but I won’t. This is a piece that needs to be experienced and not explained.” - View from the Outside

“An eccentric, oneiric piece of theatre that brings up compelling themes and arguments” - Broadway World 

Production Details

Run Time:

  • One Act: 60 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • None



  • Wed 23rd Feb 2022 - 7:30 pm

  • Thu 24th Feb 2022 - 7:30 pm

  • Fri 25th Feb 2022 - 7:30 pm

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