Save Your Kisses For Me

Save Your Kisses For Me

Save Your Kisses For Me was David Kerby-Kendall’s first play, originally staged in 2007. This is a performed reading of a new version. The play is a study of the difference between male and female friendships and what happens when two ‘straight’ men break down the macho, territorial boundaries and find a deep, emotional love for each other.


Women don’t need to break down these boundaries; they are open from the first moment of meeting; no conversations are off limits, tactility is easy and natural. Men generally have to work at this ease of behaviour (unless they are halfway down their fifth pint). These, of course, are clichés but, unfortunately still exist to an extent today.


Sam and Alex journey through the various stages of friendship until they realise that there are no boundaries left and what they feel for each other, is a deep and true Love. Women would just acknowledge this and continue, but the default next stage for men is sex.


So the boys must fight their consciences and natural instincts to decide whether they admit to this full Love and the impact this would have on their girlfriends, whom they still love. And, of course, should their love become physical, Julie and Karen must decide how they react should they find out.


Although a comedy, Save Your Kisses For Me is a poignant look at the way we label society (gay, straight, male, female, etc) and how this imbues the way we feel we should behave, and the joy and pain that can produce.

Theatre Company Reviews:



David Kerby-Kendall’s witty new flatshare comedy is a warm-hearted satire which modulates sharply into a melodrama about fidelity, bisexuality and free love. Despite the shift of gear, the show has an emotional integrity that’s highly satisfying.



Save Your Kisses For Me is a smart, witty take on life and relationships, and how even stable ones of many years standing are never quite as straightforward as they might appear.

Production Details

Run Time:

  • Act One: 45 mins

  • Act Two: 55 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • 12



  • Sun 1st Mar 2020 - 7:30 pm

  • Mon 2nd Mar 2020 - 7:30 pm

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