Loafers is the story of Caroline and Edward, a young couple with the perfect flat, in the perfect location, and the perfect upholstery - all paid for by their doting parents. Even with their prestigious degrees and perfect table manners they just can’t seem to actually do anything. Instead, they are stuck lounging in their dressing gowns waiting for visits from Caroline’s banker brother, Henry, and his new fiancé, who...works...for a...living?!

As the visits become more erratic the play spirals into a web of dark taboos and terrible consequences. This dark, absurd, tragic-comedy, exposes the seductive and the grotesque lives of the laziest predators mankind has ever seen: the upper class.

Theatre Company Reviews:

On one of  E.H. Price's other plays 'Rat Race' performed at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018: 'The right level of thought-provoking, providing uncomfortably insightful social and political commentary, and with a nice thread of darkness running through its heart' - Lexcial Lunacy, 2018

Production Details

Run Time:

  • One Act: 50 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • 15



  • Sun 1st Dec 2019 - 5:00 pm

  • Mon 2nd Dec 2019 - 7:30 pm

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