Intrepid Women

Intrepid Women

In 1894, few things could be more unexpected than for two women to travel around the world. Alone.

This brand new play is inspired by the true story of two female journalists from Dundee, Scotland who circumnavigated the globe crossing 10 countries and travelled over 26,000 miles.

Their mission? To mix with womankind in every important nation of the earth. For women to travel independently of men at this time was almost unheard of - let alone riding camels, visiting brothels and opium dens! Taking the leap from ‘woman's issue’ journalists to intrepid female travellers facing danger and excitement, the columns they sent back detailing their encounters saw newspaper readership grow at a fast pace.

But how could they return home after such an adventure? How does it feel to return to your hometown a changed woman, unable to fit into a society you have outgrown?

Intrepid Women will take the form of a rehearsed reading of sections of the play, followed by an audience discussion. We'd love to know your thoughts afterwards and use this time to gain audience feedback in order to develop the play further.

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Production Details

Run Time:

  • One Act: 75 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • None