Into The Dreamlands

Into The Dreamlands

What do you want?

What do you dream of?

It’s not all nightmares out there.

You are invited to a demonstration of the alleged powers of a dreamer; to join their ritual and explore the Dreamlands. Together, attendees will control the dreamer’s exploration of that rumoured place of strange cities and peoples.

If useful, there may be ways to exploit their arts in pursuit of knowledge, power, or protecting what matters. For there is a poison in the Dreamlands, and many rumours of what it might be.

Offered anything you can dream of, what will you do? What will you learn? And what can you afford to lose?

What does the dreamer want?


This new interactive immersive show is a collaboration between the writers behind Come Bargain With Uncanny Things and Locksmith’s Dream, set in the world of their upcoming Lovecraftian experience The Key of Dreams.


Content warnings: cosmic horror themes; likely descriptions of death, falsehood, illusions, and violence

As a piece of interactive immersive theatre, other potentially uncomfortable things may emerge during the show. However, the goal is an atmosphere of horror, rather than scaring or shocking the audience. A previous audience member described the effect as "Uncannily enjoyable, wyrdly entertaining, unsettlingly wholesome. Good excuse to wear black lipstick."

Theatre Company Reviews:

Reviews of previous work by the same creator:

“boundless in opportunity for audience interactivity.” - NoProscenium

Reviews of previous work by the same creator:


“best time I've had in YEARS at an interactive show... easy to follow but incredibly reactive." - Tom Black, co-creator, Crisis? What Crisis?

Production Details

Run Time:

  • Act One: 60 mins

  • Act Two: 60 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • 15