Flat 2

Flat 2

From The Middle Theatre Co. debuts their BRAND NEW play Flat 2.

Two couples move into a flat together. Ava and Stefan have been together for years – steady, standard, static. Billie and Freddie on the other hand are still shagging. Ava and Billie have been best frenemies forever, one another's ride or die… until Billie actually does, along with Stefan. Now, the chalk and cheese Ava and Freddie are stuck with each other, figuring out how the f*ck to navigate the rest of their tenancy… and lives. They ask the big questions: When should we unpack the deceased’s things? What is an appropriate Deliveroo order on the day of a death? How soon is too soon to sleep together?

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry, or maybe you’ll still cry anyway. Flat 2 is a witty and honest depiction of grief and modern relationships, exploring the ‘what if’ of a bizarre tenancy tragedy. Centred around Ava and Freddie, two conflicting personalities are forced to lean on each other in their time of need - you can expect plate-smashing, double-funerals, and an invite to Tyler’s 5th birthday bonanza.


Flat 2 will be at the Edinburgh Fringe from the 12th to the 17th of August at The Space on the Mile (Space 2) at 12:05 pm. 

Natalie Evans and Lucy Foley established From The Middle Theatre Company in 2023, a female-led company from the West Midlands and now based in West London. They debuted their first show The Unreturning by Anna Jordan at the Theatre Deli in Shoreditch. 



Thomas Ashen as FREDDIE

Lucy Foley as AVA



Directed by Natalie Evans

Written by Lucy Foley




Trigger Warnings: discussions of death & grief, strong language

Theatre Company Reviews:

“A journey filled with tears and laughter. Captivating Storytelling” - Audience Member

“Seamlessly jumps through time” - Audience Member

Production Details

Run Time:

  • One Act: 50 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • 15