A 6 foot woman and  a sex doll take on femininity 

In a world where femininity obsesses over smallness in size, voice, opinion, ambition, one 6-foot woman and a sex doll converted into a feminist robot, smash through walls and ceilings to explore how women can embrace bigness in a BIG physical romp. 

An unapologetic exploration into the apologetic world of women, a defiant call to confidence. 

Coccinellidae combines clown, physical theatre, audio testimonies (BIG Testimonies) of over 100 women exploring their BIGNESS that are woven into the live soundscape. 

Coccinellidae joyously connects us with other women to celebrate all of our Bigness. 

What if we maximised a woman instead of shrinking her? 

It's time to get BIG! 


The Cutlery Crew 

Amanda Kelleher is a theatre maker, clown, comedy performer, actor, music maker and shape thrower. After training as an actor in Cork, Ireland, Amanda made theatre in Italy, East Timor and all over the UK. 

She established The Cutlery Crew as a means of collaborating with diverse artists from different disciplines to make playful and engaging theatre that breaks genre and expectations. 

For Coccinellidae, she has collaborated with: 

  • Thomas Monckton (physical theatre)  

  • H2 Dance (choreography)  

  • Output Arts (fine artists that have made the set which is also a stand alone art installation)  

  • Josh Rayman (music production, soundscapes and long suffering music collaborator),  

  • Tom Muller (robotics and Sonic Pi)  

  • Ana Gillespie (Producer)  

The Cutlery Crew have also made Mean Things I Did to My Sister, a comedy blues show that toured the UK and was called 'superb' by the Fringe Review; and Banging Fun Stuff, a physical comedy about a lonely policewoman. Both toured the UK, including Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 


Theatre Company Reviews:

'Superb' - Fringe Review


'Bonkers, original, brilliant' - Daily List

Production Details

Run Time:

  • One Act: 55 mins

Age Restrictions:

  • 15