We show productions from inventive new companies nightly at 7:30pm.
Our shows run from Tuesday to Saturday evenings with occasional matinees, and two nighters on Sunday and Monday evenings.
Combine your trip with a visit to our cosy pub downstairs for some fresh, seasonal food, a great drinks selection. We think you're destined for a fabulous night out in South Kensington.

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Upcoming Productions

Sacha Guitry, Ma Fille et Moi

16th January 2018 - 3rd February 2018

New Play Sacha Guitry, Ma Fille et Moi, adapted from the works of Sacha Guitry by Marianne Badrichani and Edith Vernes, in French with English sur-titles: a comedy about actresses, playwrights and daughters - or how to make a permanent coup de theatre of your life.

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21st January 2018

A comic new play about Mary Queen of Scots (sort of)

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Cavalleria Rusticana

22nd January 2018

Sex, wine, religion & murder.

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Quand J'├ętais Petite

28th January 2018

Emilie will tell you her big stories & share her giant dreams and tall-tale memories. Even when she was little, she wasn’t really small. Head in the clouds but feet on the ground, she’ll take you up in the air to towering heights.

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The Talk

29th January 2018

The talk follows a girls journey, any girls journey, into adulthood. Temptation leads her to a place she never thought she would be.

Modern poetry navigates us through the decisions in her life and a raw physical language frames the story.

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Drowned Or Saved?

4th February 2018 - 5th February 2018

Drowned or Saved? is a theatrical portrait of Primo Levi, who survived Auschwitz and went on to have extremely successful careers both as chemist and writer. The play is set on the day he died, and it imagines an encounter with the prophet Elijah. This is understandably distressing to Primo, who was a lifelong atheist. As the play unfolds, Elijah takes him through a series of memories and fantasies. Primo is brought face to face with what it means to have survived, and to have spent a lifetime bearing witness.

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Be My Bloody Valentine

6th February 2018 - 10th February 2018

“Are you alone and miserable this Valentine’s Day? Are you unloved and unwanted? Will you spend this Valentine’s Day staring into the abyss and finding that even the abyss isn’t looking at you? Then now’s the time to turn to Friendship Assistance in London. Pick up the phone and FAIL won’t fail you.”

Be My Bloody Valentine this February with Allez Hop! Theatre. A brand new black comedy with a body count only one shy of Al Capone’s St Valentine’s Day Massacre. Be My Bloody Valentine is the first show from Allez Hop! Theatre, a new international theatre company based in London.

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The Diva List Presents...#MakeYourOwnParty

11th February 2018

#DollyandBabs are back... and they're bringing friends!

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Osric Omand & The Story Of Hope

13th February 2018 - 17th February 2018

The Institute has suffered an outbreak. The Vampirical Order has returned. And Osric Omand is having visions of the mysterious figure named Hope. With an epic concoction of stage combat, music and practical effects, Osric Omand and The Story of Hope promises to be the stage blockbuster of the year. Coming to a theatre near you.

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The House With A View To The Field

4th March 2018 - 5th March 2018

Premiere in the UK!!! THE HOUSE WITH A VIEW TO THE FIELD by A. Vampilov

Vladimir Tretyakov has been working in a remote Soviet village as a geography teacher for three years. On the last day of his assignment, he pops in to say goodbye to Lidia Astafieva, who is the head of the local milk farm and an activist. He sees the view from her window, which he hadn’t noticed before. Will they find something in common despite their class and social differences?


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Clouds of Grey

6th March 2018 - 10th March 2018

"An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind - but for a murderer, I think the rules change entirely."

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Man Up

11th March 2018 - 12th March 2018

The Manliest Man to ever Man...Have a beer and come see the world of Guru Nigel's All Male, male retreat for men. Follow the story of a group of friends who just haven't quite figured out what life is all about.

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Banana Crabtree Simon

19th March 2018 - 14th April 2018

This beautiful new play is directed by Daniel Seth, an American who brings extensive Broadway and Off Broadway experience with him. Banana Crabtree Simon will make you smile, cry and teach you about a condition that turns family into strangers.

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Game Night

25th March 2018

Michael has invited his closest friends over for a thoroughly planned out games night to announce the news of his engagement to his fiancé Jacob. But with his eccentric and trouble-riddled friends arriving along with spiteful in-laws crashing it doesn’t exactly go to plan...

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